We understand how important it is for patients have their say at both a local and borough-wide level.

We support patient groups to be actively involved in discussions with their GP practices, be part of the decision making processes which affects their care and encourage PPGs and practice staff to work together so that patients are well informed and understand the complexities of primary care provision and how it affects them.

The Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) also recognises the importance of patient involvement and communication and by working with the Lambeth PPG Network and PPGs they too are able to actively engage with and hear from patients.

The Network has three sub groups and welcomes the input from PPG members, patients and practices.  Each group normally meets every four to six weeks to look at the work of the Network, making recommendations to the board and planning the support and development of PPGs in the borough.

This group managed, develops and support the communication within the Network, to members, patients, partners and the wider healthcare community.  From developing the website to producing the bi-monthly newsletter; from coordinating training courses and workshops to designing leaflets and literature this group supports the organisations communication strategy and sharing good practice amongst PPGs and the wider healthcare community.  It is always seeking input from people with a creative flare; interested in new technologies and social media or those who simply want to get involved with communications to a broad audience.

This group scans the wider healthcare landscape highlighting the wider issues and developments within primary care and translating them to the local situation.  Guiding the Network’s policy stand on issues and concerns, briefing and making recommendations to the board and working closing with the communications group, members in this group have a range of experience and understanding of the healthcare system.  If you can look at the big picture and translate it to the local environment, you are welcome to join this group.

This group looks at how the Network can effectively support the development and growth of PPGs in the borough.  From new PPGs to established PPGs this group helps design resources and tools to support the work of PPGs; addresses PPG feedback and comment on their support needs and is continually looking at ways to ensure PPG sustainability and ongoing patient engagement and involvement.  The group members are instrumental in facilitating and managing the network wide meetings and identifying good practice and supporting PPG events, activities and meetings.