• We help set up, develop and provide ongoing support to PPGs and practices
  • Attend PPG meetings
  • Share information about local healthcare matters with PPGs to inform their discussions and activities held within their practices
  • Represent patients at decision making meetings and events, like the Lambeth CCG Governing body meetings, Local Care Networks and Lambeth Health & Wellbeing Board meetings.
  • Share patient experiences of using health and social care services at workshops, focus groups and consultation events.
  • Signpost to and provide training opportunities for PPG members to learn new skills or attend workshops and seminars to help them as they work within their own PPGs

To join or find out more about your PPG you can:

  • Contact your practice and ask the staff about joining the PPG
  • Check your practice website as many PPGs have a page of the site
  • Contact our Staff via the Contact Us form and we will talk to you about PPG and put you in touch with your Practice PPG.